Sermon Based Bible Reading for 2012

Yesterday I read this post by my friend Michael Kelly about integrating your person devotion time with the ministry of your local church.  Michael gave the following reasons for doing so in 2012

  •  It is anchored by the belief that there is something vitally unique and important about the preaching of the Word in the context of God’s people. This will hopefully lift up that time of preaching in my mind and heart to the place it should be.
  •  It will allow me to meditate more fully on a single text each week and ask the Holy Spirit to deeply affect me with those truths.
  • It will focus my mind and my heart in a single direction for a sustained period of time.
  • It will aid my Scripture memory, allowing me to choose a single key verse from the weekly passage to continue to practice each day.

For anyone attending Ashland who may want to use this plan in 2012,  I wanted to post the next sermon series that will take us through Easter. As you can see, it moves through the book of Mark. You may want to read a chapter in Mark each day or narrow it down to the specific passage that we will be preaching.

 Jesus Changes Everything Expository Sermons from the Gospel of Mark

Jesus Changes . . .

  • Our Direction Mark 1:14-20          (January 8)
  • Eternity Mark 2:1-12                     (January 15)
  • Relationships Mark 2:13-17        (January 22)
  • Religion Mark 3:1-6                     (January 29)
  • Our Family Mark 3:20-35            (February 5)
  • Perception Mark 4:35-41           (February 12)
  • Success Mark 6:14-29                (February 19)
  • Hearts Mark 6:14-29                   (February 26)
  • Power Mark 8:31-38                     (March 4)
  • Hope Mark 9:14-29                      (March 11)
  • Greatness Mark 10:35-45             (March 18)
  • Our Fears Mark 14:66-72             (March 25)
  • Suffering Mark 15:21-39               (April 1)
  • Death Mark 16:1-8 8                     (Easter)


  1. Mary Wilson · · Reply

    Thank you Pastor Jeremy!

  2. Thanks Jeremy, I ‘m going to use this for my devotional readings also. Love, Mom

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